Prof. Dr. Ayhan Olcay


Prof. Dr. Ayhan Olcay

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Marmara University in 1998. I completed my cardiology specialization at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 2004. I received the title of Associate Professor in 2013 and Professor of Cardiology in 2019. I am currently continuing out patient treatments and interventional cardiology practice in the field of Cardiology. I continue my academic and health innovation activites in Innoway R&D Kft. company of which I am a founding partner in Hungary.

What are my expertise and treatment areas in cardiology?

In my daily hospital practice, I am interested in general cardiology practice and interventional cardiological procedures.

There are four qualities in a good doctor. Listening courteously, speaking intelligently, considering carefully, and deciding impartially.

Areas of Expertise

Coronary angiography in the diagnosis of cardiovascular occlusion and coronary stent procedure in the treatment of coronary stenosis. Transradial angiography and stent procedure, which provides great satisfaction in terms of patient comfort.

Angiography, drug coated balloon and stent procedures in the diagnosis and treatment of lower and upper extremity vascular occlusions.

Treatment of aortic aneurysms with percutaneous angiographic intervention.

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with heart failure due to different reasons.

Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic or age-related heart valve diseases.



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