Why Angiography and Stent in Heart Attack?

  • A heart attack is an emergency; fatal rhythm disturbances are the main cause of death in the first few hours of a heart attack. 

  • The goals of treatment are to stop the progression of a heart attack, keep heart damage to a minimum, reduce the demands on the heart so it can heal, and prevent complications.
In a Heart Attack, time is the heart muscle!!!!

If the patient arrives within the first 12 hours, the death of the heart muscle can be prevented by opening the blocked vessel. There are 2 methods for this:
- Dissolving the clot responsible for the blockage in the vein (thrombolytic therapy),
- Opening the blocked area with balloon+stent (angiography method/primary PTCA).

If the patient arrives early to open the blocked coronary arteries, first emergency coronary angioplasty (balloon) is performed and after angioplasty, a steel cage called a stent is placed to keep the coronary artery open.

In centers where this opportunity is not available, thrombolytic therapy is applied.